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The coast from Laxvik to Påarp The coast from Steninge to Stensjö The coast from Ugglarp to Långasand The coast from Vesslunda Naturreservat to Grimsholmen Morups Tånge Glommen The coast from Glommen to Rosendal Suseånmynning Halmstad Farmland - Asige Vastaddalen Farmland - Mostorp Farmland - Ätrandalen Farmland - Slöinge Farmland - Långås Farmland - Vinberg Heberg - Skrea Heberg - Skrea Ätran Suseån Kärringesjön Borrsjön (Knobesholms sjön) Fegensjön Fegensjön Sjönevads sjön Torvsjön Övrigt Mossjön Sumpafallen Munkagårdsfloen Källstorps wetlands Simlångsdalen Forest Environments - Asige Påvadalens Nature reserve, Vessigebro Åkulla bokskogar Biskopstorp (Kvibille) Bengtesgårds meadow (Nature Reserve) Ullarps nature reserve (Ugglarp) Sumpafallen Skipås nature reserves (Alder marsh) Östra Ringsjön Alder marshes Söderåsen National Park Southern tip of Öland Dawn at sea in the south of Öland Gammalsby sjömarker Northern tip of Öland Northern Öland Stora alvaret Sylarna Biebrza National Park

Horned Grebe Red-necked Grebe Whooper Swan Mute Swan Canada Goose Barnacle Goose Greylag Goose Common Shelduck Gadwall Eurasian Wigeon Mallard Common Eider Tufted Duck Garganey Northern Shoveler Grey Heron Great Cormorant White Stork Common Kestrel Common Buzzard White-tailed Eagle Western Marsh Harrier Red Kite Eurasian Hobby Water Rail Common Crane Eurasian Coot Pied Avocet Dunlin Eurasian Dotterel Northern Lapwing Sanderling Common Ringed Plover Wood Sandpiper Common Redshank Oystercatcher Red Knot Common Sandpiper Common Greenshank Common Snipe Baird´s Sandpiper Common Tern Little Tern Black-headed Gull Sandwich Tern Common Gull White-winged Tern Northern Hawk Owl Red-throated Loon Black Woodpecker Eurasian Skylark Barn Swallow White Wagtail Meadow Pipit Black-throated Accentor Northern Wheatear Pied Wheatear European Robin Thrush Nightingale Common blackbird Goldcrest Willow Warbler Sedge Warbler European Pied Flycatcher Bearded Reedling Great Tit Blue Tit Coal Tit European Penduline Tit Eurasian nuthatch Carrion Crow European Magpie Chaffinch Bullfinch Eurasian Siskin Eurasian Tree Sparrow European Goldfinch house sparrow Reed Bunting Snow Bunting Seals Fallow Deer Moose American bison European pine marten Scarce Copper Small Tortoiseshell The Ghost Moth Soldier beetle Hoverfly bush-crickets Garden bumblebee Dragonflies Sp. Four-spotted Chaser Emus hirtus Northern dune tiger beetle oss spider Common Frog European tree frog Pool Frog Salmon Sand Lizard

Fly Orchid Dactylorhiza sambucina Early Purple Orchid Burnt orchid Fragrant orchid Heath Spotted Orchid Sticky catchfly Spotted White Deadnettle Chicory Pasque flower Small Pasque Flower Common Bugloss Common Toadflax Large-flowered Hemp-nettle Coltsfoot Bittercress Greater celandine Carline Thistle Wild Strawberry Catsfoot Maiden Pink Seaside Centaury Devil´s-bit Scabious Musk thistle Harebell Common Milkwort leopard´s bane Hairy Greenweed Genista germanica Bird´s-foot Trefoil Red campion red clover Wood Cranesbill Tufted Vetch Meadow vetchling Dandelion Meadowsweet European White Waterlily Marsh Calla Bog-bean Cranberry Water avens Common butterwort Marsh Gentian Yellow Loosestrife Wood Stitchwort Wood anemone May lily Solomon´s-seal Ramsons Lily of the Valley Arctic starflower Swedish Cornel Rosebay Willowherb Common Foxglove Himalayan Balsam Twinflower Common Hepatica Goldenrod Night and Day True oxlip Yellow wood anemone Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage Yellow archangel Herb Paris, True-lover´s Knot Glacier crowfoot Diapensia Moss bell Mountain avens Purple mountain saxifrage Alpine azalea Moss campion alpine milkvetch Oeder´s lousewort Golden Root Moor-king Lapland Lousewort Thrift Transylvanian liverwort Japanese Maple Scilla fawn-lily Rododendron Stjärnöga Barberry stinking hellebore Chinese silver grass hawthorn Rowan Goat Willow Apple Cowberry Glaucous Dog Rose common sea-buckthorn Net-leaved Willow Mezereon common heather Tule Northern firmoss Old World Royal fern common polypody Sponges

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The port Tullbron Garvareforsen Fajansbron - Laxbron Skrea strand Churches Grand hotel Ishallen Övrigt Upper secondary school Rådhustorget Badhusparken Skogskyrkogården Churches